You will never guess how easy it is to hack Clash Royale

Clash Royale Hack- Tips that you need to be aware

Here is a list of some top tips that you need to be aware while being part of the Clash Royale Hack

The clash Royale adopts the formula of the Clash of clans and goes on to model it with the mechanism of card battling. A lot of the magic attacks and the same troops that you are familiar with tend to be included in the card trading forum. It may seem appealing to you that you rush to attack your opponent and take control over things. But when you start off with the game and during the first few moves it is better that you adopt an offensive strategy. Do not freak out when your towers are getting attacked too much and adopt a calm approach and send out your troops as per indeed your strategic plans. When you find out that a rival tower has been captured ,then that is the correct time when you need to go all out with your attack and try to win the game as soon as possible. As the time reduces the Elixir is filled with double. So you are provided with an opportunity to put more troops in the field as never been before.


When the situation arises that you can lay waste to the King’s tower blast it with arrows and fireballs

This is an important tip that you need to be aware of. This is pertaining to the fact that once the Rival tower of one of the opponents goes down, then the King’s tower will start attacking you. Once you hit them the most important tower will also come to hit you. If you are of the opinion that you can counter them, then throw some arrows as well as fireballs on the way. No way denying the fact that the King’s foe is a top draw, but a combination of troops and attacks when you are already on the field will eradicate their presence in a short frame of time. The honest opinion is the fireballs and the arrows should only be used in the case of the King’s tower. Though using them in other way also yields the desired results as well.


You should use your Gems in an intelligent manner

When you are about to pull your new cards, pay particular attention to the Gems meter and then go on to put them in play. Resist the temptation of pulling out a major troop in the initial stages of the game and play the value of the cards in such a manner that the value tends to reach up to 4. To flood the battle field you need to use the smaller units at first and bite slowly into the health of the tower. Let the towers go on to wipe the smaller towers and it is better to avoid Gems and defeat them. Check it out on